These attributes will be used as a benchmark in the selection of special operations Soldiers. 


Being trustworthy and honest; acting with honor and unwavering adherence to ethical standards.


Acting on own convictions despite consequences; is willing to sacrifice for a larger cause; not paralyzed by fear of failure.


Working toward an end; has commitment; physical or mental resolve; motivated; gives effort to the cause; does not quit.

Personal Responsibility

Being self-motivated and an autonomous self-starter; anticipates tasks and acts accordingly; takes accountability for his actions.


Behaving as a standard-bearer for the regiment; has a professional image, to include a level of maturity and judgment mixed with confidence and humility; forms sound opinions and makes own decisions; stands behind his sensible decisions based on his experiences.


Possessing the ability to maintain composure while responding to or adjusting one's own thinking and actions to fit a changing environment; the ability to think and solve problems in unconventional ways; the ability to recognize, understand and navigate within multiple social networks; the ability to proactively shape the environment or circumstances in anticipation of desired outcomes.

Team Player

Possessing the ability to work on a team for a greater purpose than himself; dependable and loyal; works selflessly with a sense of duty; respects others and recognizes diversity.


Maintaining physical fitness, to include strength and agility; has operational knowledge; able to plan and communicate effectively.