MSG David K. Thuma Noncommissioned Officer Academy

ARSOF Basic Leader Course

The curriculum consists of three modules; leadership and management, training management and operational war fighting. In addition, the leader’s performance is evaluated against the curriculum using core leader competencies, skilled leader attributes and mission command characteristics throughout the course.

Civil Affairs Senior Leader Course

The Civil Affairs Senior Leader Course trains NCOs to be capable of planning, executing and transitioning Civil Affairs operations across the range of military operations. Civil Affairs SLC enhances the skills of the Civil Affairs NCOs and prepares them for assignments at the theater special operations command, brigade combat teams and corps-level headquarters. CA senior leaders must be responsive to asymmetrical challenges, adaptive to any situation and thrive with ambiguity. They are skilled at the tactical level and capable of executing Civil Affairs core tasks. They can plan with the understanding of operational-level implications of tactical actions and have the ability to synchronize and integrate supporting missions unilaterally. The senior noncommissioned officer works through and with indigenous populations and institutions at the tactical level across the full spectrum of coalition, combined, joint, interagency, intergovernmental and multinational operations in support of the CA mission.

Psychological Operations Advanced Leaders Course

The Psychological Operations Advanced Leaders Course prepares the junior NCO in the Psychological Operations branch to assume positions of greater responsibility. Military Information Support Operations is one of the most effective non-lethal weapons available to the combatant commanders. PSYOP ALC provides training on all requisite PSYOP critical tasks to effectively serve as brigade-level staff planner, tactical team sergeant, as well as operational detachment team leader. The ALC also hones their skills in the art of influence in order to shape the information landscape in support of the U.S and partner nation goals. During the course, students participate in a Military Information Support Operations staff training exercise and a culmination planning exercise in order to allow them to practically apply and build confidence in their newly acquired staff planning skills.

Psychological Operations Senior Leaders Course

The Psychological Operations Senior Leaders Course (SLC) prepares the senior NCO in the Psychological Operations branch to assume positions of greater responsibility. Students are trained on the critical tasks necessary to effectively serve as joint PSYOP planners at the Brigade or higher level as well as operational and tactical detachment sergeants. The SLC concludes with a robust CPX in which the students are required to test their skills and knowledge in the development of a strategic MISO program as staff planners. The PSYOP SLC hones a PSYOP NCO’s expertise in influence and persuasion by expounding upon proven theories of psychology and the methodology of producing measurable results within full-spectrum operations.

Special Forces Senior Leader Course

The SF Senior Leader Course is a six-week course offering five starts per year. The purpose is to qualify skill level 4 Special Forces NCOs in an advanced level of leadership development, technical training and professional military education to serve in selected leadership and staff positions at the Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha, company, battalion and group levels. It is designed to produce senior ARSOF leaders trained and educated to win on today’s battlefield, and to be adaptable and fully prepared to succeed on future national security challenges. This is a leadership-centric course focusing on training and administrative tasks, lessons learned, SOF/JOINT/Interagency mission planning, and critical thinking. Graduates of the Senior Leaders Course will return to their units as multi-dimensional special operators, polished planners and astute leaders.

ARSOF Master Leader Course

The Master Leader Course fills the Professional Military Education gap between the Senior Leader Course and the Sergeants Major Course and consists of four Army Learning Areas: Army Leadership and Profession, Human Dimension, Professional Competence, and Mission Command. The Master Leader Course produces competent senior noncommissioned officers who maintain a positive presence and who are self-aware, adaptive, and able to shape the joint operational environment. They are well versed in the Army Operating Concept 2020-2040 and capable of integrating into joint and multi-domain environments. Graduates are effective communicators capable of expressing themselves professionally through writing and speaking, able to think critically and creatively to identify, analyze, and solve complex problems, and readily adapt to operate in volatile, unknown, complex, and ambiguous environments.

ARSOF Senior NCO Fundamentals Course

The ARSOF Senior Noncommissioned Officer Course supplements and is taught in conjunction with the Master Leader Course. The curriculum challenges and educates select ARSOF Sergeants First Class in the areas of joint planning systems and execution, operating within the complexity of the joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational environments, and produces senior noncommissioned officers who are capable of operating and thriving at the operational level in ambiguous and complex operational environments. Additionally, graduates are effective communicators, critical thinkers, and are well versed in Theater Special Operations Command roles and responsibilities, statutory and funding authorities, legal matters and processes, identity management, G8 (force management) staff and processes, and noncommissioned officer evaluation reports.